7700 Natural Bridge Rd. - St. Louis, MO  63121

Phone 314-385-3300
Fax 314-385-1054
Office Hours
Council Meeting 4th Monday - 7:30 p.m.
Municipal Court 2nd Monday - 6:00 p.m.
Population 188
Web Site

Chairman Ann Knapp 18 Bellerive Acres 63121   314-382-5337
Trustee Thomas Kiely 17 Bellerive Acres 63121   314-385-3300
Trustee Mike Jones 45 Bellerive Acres 63121   314-383-6256
Trustee Bill McCrary 87 Bellerive Acres 63121   314-385-3300
Trustee James Kirtland 69 Bellerive Acres 63121   314-383-8267
Village Clerk Stacy Fields 7700 Natural Bridge Rd. 63121   314-385-3300

This information is derived from the Municipal Officials of St. Louis County Directory published by the St. Louis County Municipal League. For an expanded directory of municipal officials, contact the St. Louis County Municipal League (314-726-4747) to obtain a copy of the complete directory.

This City is one of the 91 municipalities of St. Louis County, Missouri, a large urban county with a population of 1 million located next to the City of St. Louis. Other information on St. Louis County and its municipalities is available at the sites listed below: