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Democracy is good. Without you, it's not whole.
So let's get to work for democracy.

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Casting a vote is a simple process, but did you know that each election requires the work of thousands of poll workers? St. Louis County needs the support of the entire community to maintain the vitality and integrity of the election process. There's a role for everyone to play. For the small investment of just a few days each year, the rewards are great.

It can take up to 5,000 poll workers to run an election – even more when there is anticipated high voter turnout. In addition, the County needs poll workers who are comfortable with new technology, such as touch-screen voting systems. That's why we are inviting the entire local community to participate in a new program to staff the polls — At Work for Democracy.

At Work For Democracy is a program aimed at encouraging citizens, local organizations, and other partners to engage civically by working at a polling place on Election Day. Poll workers are paid for their service, with compensation starting at $130.

Being a poll worker presents many opportunities, and we have the tools to support whatever your level of participation. Our online toolkits are full of helpful resources ready for you to access and use, any time, any where.

For Individuals

This civic duty is one of the most important responsibilities an individual can do to assist our democratic process. Explore this one-of-a-kind opportunity to be on the front lines of the election process, while earning compensation for your service.
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For College Students and Student Groups

Working at the polls is an opportunity like none other to witness and understand how the election process works. This is a unique way to earn money for yourself or your organization while seeing first-hand the process for maintaining the polling places, carrying out the proper steps to ensure a fair election, and how today's voting equipment captures votes.
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For Organizations

Engaging your members to serve as poll workers is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to the community. It is also a great way to increase the visibility of your organization on Election Day, or to take advantage of the opportunity to raise money for a charity. We support our organization partners with a kit full of helpful resources.
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Raise Money for Charity

With individual poll worker compensation beginning at $130, it presents a great fundraiser opportunity for groups who decide to pool their earnings toward a common cause. With enough participation, you could turn $$100 into $10,000!

Your support can begin now!

The process works best with the support of all Missouri citizens! There is a way for all eligible citizens to serve as poll workers.

Contact the St. Louis County Board of Elections at 314-615-1804 or visit

For information about being a poll worker elsewhere in Missouri, contact the Secretary of State's Office at (800) NOW-VOTE or visit