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Hepatitis A Ordinance

Hepatitis A Ordinance and Vaccination Sites.

The Saint Louis County Council passed an ordinance on December 16, 1999, requiring food handlers be vaccinated against hepatitis A. This ordinance went into effect July 1, 2000.

The law requires vaccination against hepatitis A for persons who prepare, handle or touch any food (except uncut produce) intended for individual consumption. The law applies to all food handlers, including those in restaurants, day care centers, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and catering operations. Employers must keep records to show the health inspectors that their employees are in compliance.

Two shots are needed: an initial vaccination, and a booster within six to twelve months. Individuals may go to their own doctors or health care providers; or visit the county health centers (South County Health Center, 314-842-1300; John C. Murphy Health Center, 314-522-6410) or other community organizations including the following: SSM Corporate Services (314-781-3848), BarnesCare (314-331-0602), Maxim Health Systems (866-844-9257), VNA (314-918-7171), and Unity Corporate Health (314-364-3000).

Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver, which can be spread by consuming food or drink that has been handled by an infected individual. Health officials stress that careful hand washing after using the toilet or changing diapers is very important to prevent the spread of disease, even after being vaccinated. For more information, please call the Saint Louis County Department of Health at (314) 615-8900.

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